Peter Meindertsma's hobbies: an overview

This chapter delves into Peter's leisure time activities. What does he like to do when he's not working (if he ever finds time for this at all)?

Pop music: listening to and reading about

Peter spents most of his leisure time on listening to pop music. He started out with developing a taste for classic rock, but has since delved into other genres as well, like pop, soul, folk and singer-songwriter.
As his pop music knowledge matures, he finds lyrics becoming more and more important.
He's also especially keen on 'discovering' popular music from the past (that is, 1960s till now), for he's convinced that one can find more musical treasures in the last 50 years of pop music than in the next few years to come.

Furthermore, he's an avid reader and collector of quality pop music books, like encyclopedia's, chart-books and biographies. This way he improves his pop music trivia knowledge and strengthens his basis of creating pop music questions for his websites (notably the Popkwiz sites) and pub quizzes.


Peter Meindertsma  Peter Meindertsma's hobbies in Dutch (Nederlands)


Peter Meindertsma has organized several pubquizzes about general knowledge and popmusic since 2005. And since 2009 he is a fanatic participant in a weekly local pubquiz.

Guitar & piano

When he is not reading about, listening to, or creating a quiz about, Peter likes to make music, too. He started playing the guitar in the 90s and he still plays the guitar (almost) everyday. He prefers playing on an acoustic guitar (see adjacent picture) and while doing so, he occasionally creates a tune.
Besides the guitar, Peter also sometimes practices his piano skills, although these are still at a very basic (beginner's) level.


Starting at the age of seventeen, Peter has written over 200 lyrics in either English or Dutch. Some of these lyrics have appeared on radio, in demo's and in a local play. Some of these appear on Peter's Blog (in Dutch).

Moviequizzes in Canadian newspapers

Finally, for over 2 years, Peter created a weekly moviequiz for five Canadian newspapers (in Toronto, Ottowa, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver).