Peter Meindertsma's skills: an overview

Here you'll find a summary of Peter Meindertsma's skills. Most of these are computer related, so these are listed seperately.

Computer related skills


Peter Meindertsma  Peter Meindertsma's skills in Dutch (Nederlands)

Other skills & experiences

This list is but a basic indication of Peter's skills and can never be complete.

Creating and maintaining commercial websites
Hosting choices, link-exchange, statistics, customer e-mail correspondence. See projects for more details.
Online marketing
Banners (creation and placement), ad-networks, AdSense.
Teach, give presentations, preparing course material, creating assignments and grading. See career for more details.
Design, development, usability, feedback, presentation etc.
Search engine optimization
See career for more details.
Writing & creating content
Creating questions, texts, writing advice documents or manuals. In Dutch as well as in English.
Organizing pub quizzes
Creating quizzes, planning, promotion, art-work (posters), sound-editing, presentation, devices and much more. See also hobbies.